Why Türkçe Okulu?

Rich Content

Each subject has been supported by its audio and visual contents at Türkçe Okulu in order to have a permanent learning. All sounds and videos have been recorder at studio to guide the students how they can put the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Learning While Having Fun

Turkish school provides students with games, puzzles, and other media activities to make the learning process more effective and permanent. In this way, the students have fun while learning Turkish language and show better performance.

Students get a point according to their correct or incorrect answers for each activity. Students can go on doing each activity until they can do it correct. Thus, students can perform a permanent learning while they reach at the top in the classroom ranking.


The participators of the Türkçe Okulu can check their performance with the help of visual and written evaluations and they can display their development on a monthly basis. They can see their education level under the section of member information and print it out. Moreover, teachers can compare their classes as well as students in their classes via their corporate memberships.

Online Dictionary

Türkçe Okulu works with an online dictionary integrated to the system. The students can see the meaning of a Turkish word in their own language just by clicking on it.

In-Site Cooperation

A student at Türkçe Okulu can ask for help from his/her teachers or other students by using the help service, and also a student can help other students. By this way, permanent learning occurs.

Teacher Control

There is teacher login beside student login at Türkçe Okulu. Teachers can find information about their students, follow their development and they can also contact students to direct them when necessary.

Multilingual Interface

Users can view interface information and instructions except for Turkish teaching materials in their native language to understand them better. Although there is only English language support at the moment, we are planning to add the other languages very soon.

Assessment And Evaluation

Members of Türkçe Okulu should complete at least 70% of the activities and answer 55% of the unit final exam correctly so as to finish the units successfully and have a permanent learning.

Unit Final Exam

There is a final exam at the end of each unit which is the criterion to pass the next unit. Students can have a permanent learning and also make up the deficiencies with this this exam, which is activated after a student completes all the activities.

7 Days / 24 Hours

Students of Türkçe Okulu with the chance to maintain their learning at any time they want and whenever they have internet connection. The system provides learning 7 days 24 hours.

Sistem 7 gün 24 saat eğitim vermektedir.


Students can learn the correct form of the Turkish words by using spellchecker feature. Thus, members are enable to check how the words correctly written, which can be used wrong in daily life.


Students can request for examinations to get certificate to Show universities that they know Turkish language. With the exam that is prepared based on the European Language Criteria, the students may receive certificate in one or several of those 6 levels.