What are you going to learn?

Vocabulary Learning

One of the basic conditions in speaking a new language is to have a rich vocabulary. Learning technical subjects of a language without vocabulary is insufficient in expressing feelings and ideas in that language.

There are vocabulary activities in each unit of Turkish School. Words are enhanced visually, aurally and in written. The most commonly used words of each unit are shown at the beginning of the units so that the vocabularies, which hold an important place in language learning, become permanent.

Improving Reading – Comprehension Skills

Each unit includes a variety of activities for reading skill, which is one of the basic language skills. Students read texts according to their level in the unit, and then do various activities related to the reading texts. Multiple-choice questions at the end of the reading comprehension activities reinforce what has been learned.

Users can access various stories in the library contents and find opportunity to improve their reading comprehension skills along with the reading activities in the units.

Improving Listening – Comprehension Skills

Listening comprehension is a skill that we need a lot in our practical life. We have to understand correctly what we hear in order to communicate with people. We, Turkish School, offer our users opportunity to improve their listening comprehension skills. Access to many audio file ranging from basic to advance level is provided.

Members of Turkish School will be able to do a sufficient of listening about each unit and benefit from various activities in order to improve these skills. They will do the tests at the end of listening comprehension activities and complete the improvement of these skills. Furthermore, they will get the opportunity to benefit from audio stories in Turkish School.

Improving Writing Skill

Writing is the most difficult skill to enhance and improve among the other language skills. Users in Turkish School are provided with various writing activities to improve writing skills. These activities consist of sentence completion, paragraph completion, story completion, image interpretation, question-answer and unique writing techniques.

Improving Grammar Skill

Grammar is a difficult and exceptional area in all languages. There are many grammar roles in Turkish. Grammar teaching is explained in a colorful and entertaining way in Turkish School. Grammar teaching is taught within a certain rule and various levels from easy to complex and exercises are prepared accordingly.

Grammar teaching is more forgettable and difficult to use in practical life since it has an abstract structure. In Turkish School, grammar teaching is carried out in relation to the other language skills, and we intend users to learn permanently rather than memorizing and to carry out what they have learned.

There are also grammar questions besides other skills in evaluation tests at the end of the units so that the subjects taught in the unit will be enhanced.