What is Türkçe Okulu?

Türkçe Okulu;

Türkçe Okulu is an internet-based language teaching platform where the students can learn Turkish on their own. The aim of this project is to let students learn Turkish and continue learning anytime and anywhere when they have access to internet. In this way, they learn Turkish without being committed to an academic calendar year.

Who we are ?

We are living in an age of electronic communication which has removed boundaries between countries and has redefined our concept of time and place. Nowadays, people can get in touch with others living miles away as if they were only next door.

We feel an obligation and responsibility towards Turkey and the Turkish people as they communicate with the rest of the world. Since 2000 the DİLSET Publication, which was established with this responsibility in mind, has organized various activities to bring Turkish Language to its deserved position in the World, to enable Turkish Language to be spoken widely and to provide variety of learning materials for the learners.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure Turkish language to become a widely spoken language all around the world.

We aim to lead teaching Turkish as a second language, serving a wide range of people from primary school to adults.

We also aim to offer the teachers and the learners with the necessary materials for language teaching, combining the traditional teaching methods with the modern educational equipment and technology.

Our Target Troup

  • Secondary and high school students (10-15 ages), university students (18 ages and above) and adults, who want to learn Turkish as a foreign language.
  • Turkish students living abroad
  • Turkish adults living abroad
  • People from various occupational groups who want to learn Turkish
  • People preparing for exams in Turkey, like TCS
  • Language and culture centers giving Turkish education
  • Turkish Teaching Centers at several universities (TÖMER)


  • Corporate Membership
  • Foreign students at any schools can use the Turkish School platform. They can do all of the activities prepared according to Turkish teaching syllabus under the control of their teachers and also reinforce what they have learnt. Teachers can control the classes; follow reports and development of the students. Students are involved in an interaction with the other students in the classroom. Every day, new materials and features motivating students’ language learning are being added to the system.

  • Individual Membership
  • This section is for the users who want to learn Turkish Language individually. Any school, book or education system is not required. There are several units and activities specifically prepared for this type of users. After registering, users can view particular content prepared for this part and, do the activities and start language learning.